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Invoicing channel 1: Integrated solution (EDI) | E-Invoicing

Direct connection of the invoicing application via electronic data interchange makes sense, especially where the invoicing volume is very large. The initial expense of implementing an EDI solution is written off in a very short time.

Suits suppliers who ...

  • ... are already able to generate structured sets of invoice data and forward them automatically from the billing application via their provider, by means of an interface.
  • ... do not yet meet the system requirements, but do send Bouygues Energies & Services InTec very large numbers of invoices (more than 1000 per year).



  • Compliance with the system requirements for generating invoices as electronic data sets. Permissible formats: structured flat file, UN/EDIFACT D01B, XML-IDOC or XML-ETS.
  • Presence of a direct interface for communication to the Conextrade platform or via an interconnect provider.
  • Periodic downloading of original invoices from the portal for archiving. (Conextrade also offers an archiving service.)


Next steps:

  • To set up an integrated solution, detailed arrangements are necessary with each supplier. Please contact us.
  • The provider is the first point of contact for any questions on legal aspects of electronic invoice transmission.



Further information is available here:

Handelsplatz Conextrade (Swisscom IT Services)