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Invoicing channel 3: PDF | E-Invoicing

Invoices may also be sent to the Bouygues Energies & Services InTec companies as PDF files. This saves printing, material and postage costs – not to mention being faster.

Suits suppliers who ...

  • ... have no way of using an integrated channel or submitting invoices via portal (for technical reasons or because their invoice volume is too low).
  • ... are planning to switch to an integrated channel or to the portal and are using PDF as an interim solution.
  • ... only send a small number of invoices to the Bouygues Energies & Services InTec (fewer than 100 per year).



  • Compliance with the system requirements for generating PDF invoices.
  • Registration at a platform for submission of PDF invoices (Conextrade trading platform or Billexco).


Next steps:

  • PDF invoices can be submitted at any time via the platforms mentioned above. Please note the reference details which are to be provided on each invoice.



Further information is available here:

Billexco – the billing exchange community (RR Donnelley)
Handelsplatz Conextrade (Swisscom IT Services)