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Invoicing channel 2: Portal (file transfer) | E-Invoicing

Suppliers who are already able to prepare invoices as electronic data sets can submit them via a portal. This secure and convenient solution confers advantages especially with major invoice volumes.

Suits suppliers who ...

  • ... have no way of using an integrated channel (for technical reasons or because their invoice volume is too low).
  • ... can readily generate structured invoice data sets, but have no way of transmitting these automatically from a billing application.
  • ... send the Bouygues Energies & Services InTec large numbers of invoices (100–1000 per year).



  • Compliance with the system requirements for generating invoices as electronic data sets. Permissible formats: structured flat file or XML-ETS.
  • Access to an invoice file server; a possible alternative is input via a form (template or otherwise) on the Conextrade platform.
  • Periodic downloading of original invoices from the portal for archiving. (Conextrade also offers an archiving service.)


Next steps:

  • Invoices can be submitted at any time via the platforms mentioned above. Please note the reference details which are to be provided on each invoice.
  • The provider is the first point of contact for any questions on legal aspects of electronic invoice transmission.



Further information is available here:

Handelsplatz Conextrade (Swisscom IT Services)