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Experienced professionals seeking new fields of experience

So you have been working in one profession, but you are now looking for a chance to progress or for a change of career? Bouygues E&S InTec offers all sorts of openings and opportunities. Even career changers can embark on a career with us.

The implementation of highly complex projects, the development of customised solutions and the use of cutting-edge technology are our specialities. We are therefore always on the lookout for experienced specialists and management staff who are prepared to assume responsibility and keen to achieve something.


The career path you take with us will depend on your interests and experience. But one thing we can promise you is that, with us, you will use your knowledge and expertise from day one onwards. We also offer a wealth of different development opportunities, and it is possible to switch from a technical to a management career track or vice versa at any time. 


Career changers with the potential for lateral thinking sought

If you are changing your career, you can build on the professional expertise you already have, integrating it in your retraining programme with us. We will help you plan your retraining and on-the-job training in accordance with your existing skills and the qualification you wish to acquire.

If you are convinced you would be right for us here at Bouygues E&S InTec, please check our current vacancies or approach one of our contact persons: 

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