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Apprentices are eager to learn

So you have finished school and would now like to move on and experience life? We know that the apprentices of today are the leaders of tomorrow. And that is why we back our own young talents. With exciting results!

We attach great importance to the targeted development of junior staff. Because it is young talent that will ensure our long-term success. And that also goes for the 520 apprentices with us at the moment, which is why they are being intensively trained and coached under the close supervision of our qualified professional trainers.


Your springboard into working life

With us you are spoilt for choice: we offer a total of 20 different courses at around 80 locations throughout Switzerland. Whatever you are doing where, from the beginning of your apprenticeship, you will work with your team on the front line. Whether you are on a building site or in an office, the focus is on practical experience.

We not only provide you with specialist training, but will also help you to develop both academically and personally. Our qualified professional trainers will support you throughout, assuring you of a successful start to your career. 


Your apprenticeship is not just a ticket to nowhere

We make every effort to keep the expertise and skills you have acquired with us in the company. And we have demonstrated time and time again that these are not just empty words, because the majority of the 160 trainees successfully completing apprenticeships with us every year are offered a permanent contract when they finish – so we offer excellent prospects.

Find out more now about our courses and vacancies for apprentices: 

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