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New childcare centre in Bettens: a JPF Group project

Bouygues Energies & Services has been commissioned to build the heating, ventilation and sa-nitary facilities for the new childcare centre in Bettens (VD). Our collaboration with the JPF Group is ongoing. We thank them for their continued trust.

The building that houses the new childcare centre consists of a single-storey wooden structure set on concrete foundations. JPF Entreprise Générale, JPF Construction and JPF-Ducret, specialists in wooden structures, worked on the new premises. JPF Entreprise Générale commissioned Bouygues Energies & Services to install the heating, ventilation and sanitary facilities.

Duarte Leite, Project Manager at Bouygues Energies & Services, is responsible for the design and construction. He is supported by foreman Ibrahim Berisha, who oversees the building site and manages the multi-technical teams. Together they set up a ground source heat pump, which uses geothermal probes to extract energy from the ground. This provides a renewable source of energy that meets the needs of the sanitary and heating facilities.

Duarte Leite: “Heat is distributed throughout the building via an underfloor heating system, with individual room controls. The heat pump installation is also responsible for supplying the domestic hot water. All the equipment for the heating, ventilation and sanitary facilities was designed to comply with the regulations required for childcare facilities, both in terms of safety and ergonomics.” 

The new childcare centre is fully operational. It welcomes children from the end of their mothers’ maternity leave right up until they start mainstream education. There are 44 childcare places available, 10 of which are for nursery-age children.

The project is part of an ongoing collaboration with the JPF Group, which began a few years ago. Further projects are planned in the area of education and early childhood.

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