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Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sanitation technology

Warmth and water are basic human needs, which, thanks to our competence, we deliver in high quality to wherever people live or work. We are not only strong in the areas of heating and sanitation.

Installation and service of heating systems

In view of sparse resources, fluctuating commodity prices and the uncertain situation in the world, “renewable energies” is the key word of our age. What will still be available tomorrow? Is heating with oil or gas still viable today? Are alternatives worthwhile?

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Installation and service of ventilation systems

Balanced climatic conditions in the workplace ensure a good climate. And increase quality, performance and productivity. We plan and install practical ventilation technology solutions for service enterprises, institutions, laboratories and industry.

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Air-conditioning systems

We plan, design and implement practical air-conditioning systems for the well-being of people and the good of the environment. Our industry-specific know-how and experience range from the installation of simple air conditioners for ambient comfort to large-scale projects in industry and research.

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Sanitation systems

Visible elegance – invisible supply and disposal. Our sanitation specialists and piping installers plan and install simple sanitation fittings and systems with the same care and professionalism as they do when working on the public infrastructures entrusted to them.

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Clean rooms

We specialise in clean-room systems for the pharmaceutical, electronics and food industries, hospitals, plastic manufacturers and research laboratories. Our experts have extensive know-how in a broad range of manufacturing and finishing processes.

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