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Installation and servicing of automation systems

Building automation connects trades and enables buildings to operate securely and economically. Different requirements and changes in use can be implemented simply thanks to building automation.

As we are purely a service provider, we are product-independent and can therefore take a solution-oriented approach, optimally focused on your needs. Our competent, neutral and meticulous choice of products guarantees you a high level of protection for your investment.

The cross-sector expertise and experience of our employees are the decisive factors for successful solutions. We combine the latest findings and state-of-the-art technologies with both new and tried and tested concepts. Our teams’ expertise is always at the forefront in every area, thanks to our apprenticeships and permanent further training.

Our 24/7 call-out service provides support during the operating phase of your company’s infrastructure. Maintenance work tailored to your requirements protects your investment and reduces life-cycle costs. Thus, we automatically keep your processes running at all times.


Our services at a glance

  • Integrated bus solutions with KNX (EIB) and LON for HVA, lighting, blinds and connecting audio/video
  • Control and regulation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Universal building management systems and regulation for single rooms based on DDC and SPS
  • Service and maintenance seven days a week and around the clock
  • Integrated solutions from a single source for the modernisation of regulation and control systems

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