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Electro-technical special installations

Whether it is street lighting, floodlighting for stadiums or concert arenas, Christmas lighting or specialist technical systems: we plan, assemble and maintain electro-technical installations of all kinds – to put your project into its best light.

Public lighting systems

We are the perfect place to come if you need lighting in a public place. We plan, produce, install and replace street lighting for cities and communities.

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Floodlighting systems

For over 30 years, we have been designing and implementing floodlighting systems of all sizes – mainly for sports stadiums and complexes. Keeping the ball moving, even when it’s dark.

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Christmas lighting

We have made a virtue out of necessary. Because there weren’t many orders in winter 40 years ago, we had to come up with something new. What started out on a small scale now brings real happiness: Christmas lighting of all kinds.

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Event infrastructures

We provide the energy when it’s showtime. Whether it is a small event or a high-profile open air concert: we can provide the complete electrical infrastructure for event organisers.

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Public facilities

Our speciality is anything electrical: whether it is complete electro-technical infrastructure or bridges, railway systems or swimming pools that need lighting or time measurement systems that need installing. We even know the requirements of public toilets!

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