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Services for high and medium voltage networks

Bouygues E&S EnerTrans Ltd. provides various services for network operators and owners. These include network planning and calculations, maintenance management concepts and protection and automation of transformer stations. Our skill set also covers the integration of network elements into control systems and all aspects of information security.

Our range of what we offer in network services

  • Production of network analyses, network plans and network calculations
  • Modelling of network elements
  • Measurement and analysis of electromagnetic fields and noise
  • Production and implementation of operational and maintenance concepts, including appropriate tool support
  • Conducting condition analyses
  • Upgrading of transformer stations and switchgear systems
  • Production and inspection of safety concepts and initial configuration of safety devices
  • Analysis of faults, using remote diagnostics where applicable
  • Connection and integration of network elements into control systems


Further services

  • Cybersecurity in switchgear systems
  • Servitude and property management, incl. legal services for treatment of critical cases
  • Acquisition of servitudes contracts incl. data transmission for third parties
  • Line protection: assessment and recommendation of measures for third-party construction projects in the vicinity of the lines
  • Documentation: initial survey, organisation, operational concepts
  • Use of drones for inspection / condition determination of lines and masts, photovoltaic and wind power plants as well as engineering structures
  • Use of drones for data collection, evaluation and monitoring, e.g. area and volume determination or critical distance determination (creation of 2D plans or 3D models)


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