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Planning and execution of track construction projects

As part of track-based maintenance and construction projects, the civil engineering specialists from Kummler+Matter EVT Ltd. are responsible for some of the more challenging track construction tasks.

These activities in and around the track area must be completed in a short amount of time during the day and, primarily, at night.

Detailed information on this service can be found on the website of the company listed below.

Kummler+Matter EVT AG

Hohlstrasse 188
8004 Zürich


Tel. +41 44 247 47 47
Fax +41 44 247 47 77



Kummler+Matter EVT SA

Chemin du Rionzi 52
1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne


Tel. +41 21 631 17 17
Fax +41 21 631 17 18