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Building services engineering from one source: New visitor centre and expansion for Maestrani

The chocolate producer Maestrani based in eastern Switzerland is not only expanding its production facilities. A new visitor centre, the ‘Chocolarium’ with a café, shop, cinema, and event facilities catering for 100,000 visitors per year, is also being constructed at the Flawil site. The visitor centre is directly adjacent to the existing production building. Bouygues Energies & Services InTec is realising the sanitary facilities as well as the heating, cooling and ventilation installations.


Maestrani Schweizer Schokoloade AG

Production facility expansion and new visitor centre



Sanitary installation
Sanitary facilities in the food industry

Heating and cooling installation
Installation of radiators and recirculation coolers, in‑floor heating, fan coils

Ventilation installation
Installation of a monoblock air conditioning unit, ventilation, room ventilation, partial air conditioning system