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Cool Recording – automatic refrigeration point monitoring around the clock

Globus ***delicatessa stands for high quality and premium products, so product freshness is an important point.

Bouygues Energies & Services ensures the automatic, consistent monitoring of refrigeration units at Globus Basel: 36 sensors measure and record the temperature of the refrigeration units around the clock. The sensors are battery-powered (10-year lifetime) and work autonomously.

Automatic alerts are sent to mobile devices by push mail/e-mail in case of temperature deviations. Maximum and minimum temperatures as well as the deviation range and duration can be individually defined per sensor. All data can be viewed at any time using a dashboard.

Cool Recording and HACCP directives
The temperature monitoring of refrigeration units is important for restaurateurs and hotels as well. According to HACCP directives, the temperature has to be measured and documented at least once a day.
Cool Recording is a comprehensive 24/7 temperature monitoring system that is easy to install and can be adapted to various needs.

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Cool Recording IoT solution: Comprehensive 24/7 temperature monitoring of 36 refrigeration units