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Complete modernisation of the compound feed plant for LANDI Sempach-Emmen

Compound feed production takes centre stage in the agricultural sector for Landi Sempach-Emmen, making it possible to offer its own product range of high quality. To maintain this capability in the future, various areas of the compound feed plant in Sempach Station were modernised.

The receiving pit, silo cell feeding, mill and loading were all modernised, and the process and control technology was replaced. This increased the production capacity and, in particular, ensured end-to-end product traceability. The small component dosing system for weighing special products is an important element. Now the plant has a production capacity of 12 t/h.

Bouygues E&S Process Automation used the proven iQOS® software as the heart of the system. iQOS® represents the latest standard in process control system technology and is the leader for dosing and mixing plants. The specialists at Bouygues E&S Process Automation handled the complete electrical and software engineering, installation of the switching systems and commissioning for this project.

Landi Sempach-Emmen Genossenschaft

1 grain receiving station, 3 weigh feeders, 1 mixing line, 1 small component dosing system, 1 press line, 2 loading lines

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