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Efficient and trouble-free for the future – modernisation of sugar beet sampling facility

The error-prone and different proprietary control systems in Aarberg and Frauenfeld were replaced and standardised.

Obsolete process and control technology in the sugar beet sampling facilities was replaced and standardised: With the solution adapted to sugar beet plants, only one software will now be used for the control, monitoring and analysis of the entire facility.

An identification number – direct from the beet yard system – is used to administer the sample during analysis, transmit the data to the information system and assign it to the beet producer for settlement. The data are also used for sugar production control and quality control.

The new system has numerous benefits: For example, manual batch assignment is eliminated since central data storage is given. Also, the operating personnel now requires only one operating interface, making the processes more efficient.

The proven system software iQOS® forms the core element for the control system. It represents the latest process control technology standard and is the leader in the field for dosing and mixing plants.


Schweizer Zucker AG

Modernisation of control technology in the sugar beet sampling facilities (Aarberg and Frauenfeld)

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