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Fit for industry 4.0: The HACO seasoning kitchen

Bouygues E&S Prozess Automation got the HACO seasoning kitchen ready for industry 4.0 during operation.

The production facilities for seasonings were modernised and electronic components such as the main distribution board, control cabinets, process and control technology, and pneumatic and electrical installations were replaced and made state-of-the-art. Since the plant was converted during operation, excellent project planning was an important basis.

The modernisation not only ensures trouble-free operation with reproducible and efficient production of the seasonings, but also enables end-to-end product traceability and targeted data evaluation.

The iQOS® system software forms the heart of the plant. It represents the latest process control technology standard and is the leader in the field for dosing and mixing plants.


HACO Group

Seasoning production, PLS 1 server/2 client, 5 operator terminals

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Project management, software engineering, electrical engineering, delivery of control cabinets, delivery of computer hardware, electrical installations, commissioning, training